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I'm born in 1989 in the southwest of Germany, nearby the Black Forest. After school I did a voluntary social year at a school for disabled kids. I never tought about becoming a teacher but during that year I realized how much I like to spent time and to work with kids. After that year I started to study in Freiburg and Heidelberg to become a teacher for kids with special needs. Well, now I'm working since two years near to Freiburg at a small school with kids in the age of 13 to 16 and could'nt imagine any better job.

To be honest...I've never been into photography but painting and drawing. While studying in Freiburg I had the chance to spend some time in the fully loaded fotostudio and began to take some portraits of friends. That's been in 2012 and when I bought my first camera, a Canon 1000D. I spent more and more time with the camera, took some images of birthday partys and few months later I started to take landscape-images. I realized quite soon that portraits aren't my passion but to be outdoors, to take images of the landscape. Two years later I bought a new Camera (Canon 60D), more and more lenses, tripods, filters and all the stuff you need. The landscape photography became more and more an obsession, especially since 2017 when I sold the Canon gear and started to take images with Fujifilm cameras and lenses.


And well...here I'm now. I'm out in the Black Forest and especially the Swiss Alps as much as possible, hiking and travelling around and always waiting for the best light :)


Fuji X-T1 & X-T2




Sirui N-2204x & K30x

Haida Filters

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